We Can Provide Capital When Required

We can invest capital in businesses from our internal capital pool or sourced from other third parties when required. We are creative, flexible, and prompt in assessing and responding to your financial needs. We will work with both shareholders and creditors of the business to produce a mutually acceptable outcome.


We Have Operational Experience

We have senior resources with the business experience to get results. We deploy resources from within Talon Partners as well as from an additional pool of external resources when necessary. We do not utilize inexperienced or unqualified staff and use your time and money to teach them.


We Can Partner With You

We know that many companies in challenging situations face a dilemma: the need for help without sufficient funds to secure assistance. We can structure fee arrangements to reduce upfront cash requirements and more closely align our business interests.


We Are Focused on the Middle Market

We bring high level business experience and corporate finance capacity to the mid-market business. This focus means that we tailor our engagements to be as large or as small as the circumstances require.


We Respond and Mobilize Quickly

We will engage and immerse ourselves immediately in your business. Given our depth of experience, we can get involved and understand your business without wasting your time. We are aggressive in attacking your business problems.